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Ghostwire Tokyo Performs ‘Quantifiably Worse’ On Xbox Series X/S Compared To PS5

Pixel wizards Digital Foundry have put Ghostwire Tokyo through its paces on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, concluding Tango Gameworks’ spooky adventure game performs ‘quantifiably worse’ on Microsoft’s console compared to PS5.

It should be noted however that the PS5 version isn’t exactly a flawless masterpiece either, as according to DF’s Oliver Mackenzie, was “not great to begin with.”

In general, it runs worse than PlayStation 5, and Series S is a bit of a mess, so it’s a really weird situation and not really what you would expect from what is now a Microsoft first-party development studio.

The ray traced reflections are somewhat lower quality, there are shadow alignment bugs with the ray traced shadows. Resolutions are pretty similar for the most part but the quality mode has a moderately lower resolution than PlayStation 5, it looks like, and performance is typically 5-10% lower than PlayStation 5 [when comparing] the same scene.

My hope, frankly, was that they would fix some of the issues from PlayStation 5 that John [Linneman] and Alex [Battaglia] observed last year, and if anything it’s gone in the opposite direction.

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Ghostwire Tokyo was originally release for the PS5 in May 2022, and you can read our full review here.

[Source – Digital Foundry Podcast]