Giveaway: Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta codes


Hey folks! We here at PSU Towers are giving away a bunch of beta keys for Uncharted 3.

You may be thinking “PlayStation Plus subscribers get it free anyway, lolwhut?” which is true—PS+ subscribers do get it free. However, the beta codes that we have in our possession contain an exclusive multiplayer bonus called the Creepy Crawler Kickback perk, which allows players to transform into a swarm of crawlers to dominate their opponents for a limited time.



To enter our Twitter competition, you will need to:

* Follow us on Twitter (if you’re not already)
* Be registered on the forums

We will announce three daily challenges over the weekend at exactly 10.30 p.m. EDT. From the time of announcement, users will have 24 hours to tweet their entries to us before the next challenge starts.



To enter our Facebook competition, you will need to:

* Go to the PSU page on facebook, and ‘Like’ us if you haven’t already.
* On the PSU wall, tell us in 50 words or less what you’d love to see most in Uncharted 3. You’ll double your chances if you make us laugh 🙂
* Be registered on


The winners will be announced via Twitter/Facebook, and sent a direct message with their beta code. Additionally, the winners will be posted in a news article along with their winning entries.

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