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Glen Schofield On EA Motive’s Dead Space “If It Were Me, I Wouldn’t Remake It.”

In a new interview with website Inverse, The Callisto Protocol director and Dead Space creator Glen Schofield spoke briefly about EA Motive’s upcoming remake of his own game.

“I wish them the absolute best” he said, before reiterating as he’s said before that he is not involved with the project. Although he goes further to admit that if it were up to him, this remake wouldn’t be happening.

“Honestly, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t remake it. I am glad for them, but I wouldn’t. I want to move on and make something new. Dead Space is in my past.”

Remakes may be a big trend in the industry currently, but it’s new games and IPs that help push the industry forward.

As much as a nostalgic trip down gaming-memory lane can be a great time, even an amazing one in some cases, such as Resident Evil 2.

The fact remains that even a good remake can’t compete with a brand new game that’s able to blow you away. It’s exciting to think about what The Callisto Protocol will be, considering Schofield’s outlook.

And even more exciting to see what he and Striking Distance Studios does next.

Source – [Inverse]