Global PS3 shipments hit 70 million

PlayStation 3 has shipped 70 million units worldwide since its inception in November 2006, Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed.

The console achieved the milestone on November 4, 2012, just one week before the console’s sixth birthday in Japan.

Note that the figure represents the sell-in figure, as in the number of units that have been shipped to retailers, and not actually in the hands of consumers.

In addition, Sony announced that PlayStation Move has shipped 15 million units since September 2010. The peripheral has over 400 compatible titles, including the newly-released Wonderbook.

PS3 boasts a whopping 3,590 games with software sales totalling 595 million units globally.

Elsewhere, the electronic giant’s flagship online service, PlayStation Network, offers 170,000 pieces of downloadable content, 57,000 of which are game-related. The rest is comprised of movies, music sports and other entertainment goodies.

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