God of War 3 Remastered has new ESRB rating for PS4 re-release

God of War 3 Remastered has been given an all-new rating on the ESRB for its upcoming PS4 release this summer.

As spotted by DualShockers, the rating has been completely revamped from the original PS3 release, which is unusual for a remaster, as they typically utilize the original description. Not so with GoW 3, however.

What hasn’t changed is the ‘M’ rating the remastered version has been given by the ESRB, which is exactly the same as the original release. 

Check out the ESRB’s official description for God of War 3 Remastered below.

"This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of a half-human, half-god-like Spartan (Kratos) who seeks revenge on the gods of Mount Olympus. Gameplay depicts exaggerated acts of violence and frequent, frenetic killing. Kratos uses double-chained blades to hack-and-slash skeleton soldiers, demonic hounds, centaurs, Cyclops, fire-breathing creatures, and other monsters. Combat is bloody, with large sprays occurring when enemies are struck; blood often stains the ground, surrounding walls, and Kratos’ body. The most intense depictions of violence occur during boss battles with the gods. Players engage in close-up and extended battles that are completed by timed button presses according to on-screen prompts. One god is repeatedly thrown into rocks and walls; another’s eyes are gouged out by thumbs; another god’s head is smashed repeatedly into the ground. 

One boss has his legs sliced off while another has his head torn off. In some sequences, blood stains the screen after each of Kratos’ blows. Most of the gods transform into dust or swarms of insects or cascades of water after “dying.” One sequence contains a sex mini-game: players encounter a goddess and two of her handmaidens, all with bare breasts, holding and caressing each other. If players choose to do so, they may join the goddess in bed; the camera then focuses on the two handmaidens who watch from a distance. As players respond to on-screen prompts, the maidens sometimes caress each other as they continue to watch Kratos and the goddess off-camera. Moaning sounds can be heard throughout the sequence. The game includes some behind-the-scenes footage that contains the word “f**k.”