God of War dev reveals awesome dynamic combat between Kratos and Son


God of War PS4 release due in 2018

God of War will feature some impressive combat dynamics between Kratos and his son, developer Sony Santa Monica Studio has revealed.

Speaking to OPM UK, the studio’s Marketing Producer, Aaron Kaufman, described a sequence that sees Kratos’ pint-sized companion getting his hands dirty:

There’s a really cool move where he [Atreus] jumps on the back enemy’s back and you hit the Square button, which is for the son, and he’ll jump above the enemy’s back and start firing arrows, and then you can throw your axe. And that’s just one example of the dynamism between him [Kratos] and Atreus.”

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Elsewhere, Kaufman confirmed that God of War is a full-blown sequel to the previous games, and take place within the same universe. 

It’s an indeterminate amount of time between the end of God of War III and the beginning of the game,” he said. “We wanted to put Kratos on a deeply personal quest.

God of War is due for release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2018. Unlike the previous games, which dabbled in Greek mythology, this latest chapter in the blood-drenched franchise will see Kratos scrapping it out with Norse-flavored enemies, and will be accompanied by his young son during the adventure. Despite this, don’t expect the developer to tone down the gore; Kratos’ latest outing will be as bloody as ever.

The game will feature a more mature storyline that plucks inspiration from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, and is unlikely to be Kratos’ final game. Interestingly, there’s been conflicting reports on whether or not God of War will feature multiplayer. Sony initially downplayed any online functionality, though a job listing for Santa Monica studio back in April seemed to indicate something was in the pipeline. 

Sony is rumored to be prepping a God of War Collector’s Edition for when the game finally ships, although this hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Source: OPM UK Issue 138 (August 2017)