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God of War gameplay is even more impressive when you discover what it was running on

god of war gameplay

The director behind the highly anticipated God of War has confirmed that the E3 2017 gameplay footage was captured running on a standard PlayStation 4 console.

Speaking with Geoff Keighley during the YouTube Live event overnight, Cory Barlog divulged a slew of new details on the upcoming action-adventure game, including the use of the boat, which will be handy for exploration—something which God of War is placing more emphasis on this time around.

We really wanted to give people a sense of what the journey was going to be,” Barlog said of the new footage, “really re-enforcing the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. And really kind of open up the world, share the combat some more… we really wanted to show off more combat in this.”

We have a heavier emphasis this game on exploration,” he added. “Really kind of empower the player to discover as they’re moving through the world, so that’s one of the ways that you’re actually able to get around.”

Barlog also reiterated that God of War is “not an open-world [game]. We still focus heavily on story-telling… What I really wanted to bring out in this game is this concept of being on a tour bus and being able to pull the string and get off whenever you want and look around, and always know the bus is right there and you can get back on at any point… This is a very expansive time period, so we really wanted to make Kratos and his son feel like they had to make their way through this very violent, very large world.”

Oh, and that towering sea serpent at the end of the video? He’s actually a benevolent beast, as you won’t be fighting him as originally thought. Finally, the game director replied “that’s the goal” in regards to making the PS4 Pro version of God of War look better than its standard counterpart. For now, the footage we saw was captured on a regular PS4 model. 

Sony confirmed a God of War release date of early 2018 during its press conference yesterday evening. The game has already been in development for over three years, and was first announced during Sony’s E3 media briefing last year alongside fellow PS4 juggernauts Days Gone and Spider-Man.

Source: PSLS