God of War III is the best-selling GoW title to date

Sony previously confirmed a few weeks ago that the God of War franchise had sold over 20 million units globally. However, what it didn’t divulge at the time were sales figures for individual titles, giving us a chance to see just what entries in the PlayStation-exclusive series had sold the most.

That’s all changed now, however, as the platform holder has now confirmed figures for all God of War titles to date spanning the three major territories: SCE America, SCE Europe and SCE Japan. In total, the franchise has moved 21.6 million copies worldwide.

In what may come as a surprise, God of War III is currently the most successful title in the series, having sold over five million copies to date. It’s a close call though, with the original games also putting in a solid performance.

See below for the full skinny, which include download sales and Latin America under the SCE America banner.

Game                                                  SCE America    SCE Japan    SCE Europe    Total Sales

God of War                                         2,881,524         142,990          1,592,833         4,617,347
God of War II                                      2,527,522          113,280          1,603,727        4,244,529
God of War III                                     2,818,033          417,866          1,961,733        5,197,632
God of War Collection                     1,748,663           155,600          514,253           2,418,516
God of War: Chains of Olympus    1,728,407           136,478         1,399,293        3,264,178
God of War: Ghost of Sparta           530,815             60,429             605,382           1,196,626
God of War: Origins                          424,464              47,336             239,937            711,737

via Siliconera