God of War PS4 Digital Delux Edition listed by Amazon, here’s what’s included

god of war ps4 digital

Heard of the God of War Digital Deluxe Edition? No? Yeah, it hasn’t been announced officially yet, but online retailer Amazon just leaked what’s included and how much it is. According to the listing (via Wario64), the God of War Digital Deluxe Edition will be priced at $69.99 and will include a bunch of digital in-game stuff.

God of War Digital Deluxe includes:
– God of War Digital Soundtrack
– God of War Digital Art Book
– God of War PS4 Dynamic Theme
– “Exile’s Guardian” Shield Skin
– God of War Digital Comic – Issue 0
– “Death’s Vow” Armor Set for Kratos
– “Death’s Vow” Armor for Atreus

It’s not currently known if the armor sets will just be cosmetic or impact the gameplay in anyway. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say yes given the name and all. Will it be worth it to spend $10 more to get extra digital stuff? That’s your decision. 

In other God of War news, Amazon has also listed the game to be released in June 2018. Also of note, Justice League’s Aquaman, Jason Momoa, has expressed interest in playing the god killer Kratos if a God of War movie ever gets off the ground.