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God of War Speedrun Looks Exhausting On PS4

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With every major new game comes someone looking to beat it in the quickest time possible. The record at the moment for the God of War Speedrun is currently seven hours and 49 minutes.

The Youtuber in question would have beaten the game far more quickly, but had to sit through some lengthy cut-scenes. Due to length of this particular speedrun, it looks like there's not going to many attempting to beat the record.

God of War Speedrun Doesn’t Look Much Fun

One guy called BnH247 had previously held the God of War speedrun record at a little over 8 hours, but he's said that he won't be doing it again any time soon.

“So this game is one of the biggest cutscene simulator games I've personally played so I am definitely not running this game again, literally no point, so little gameplay,” he said replying to his own YouTube video. “I could memorize where to go and what to do, improve combat a little bit and maybe there’s a skip or two but honestly the improved run wouldn't be that much different so it would be a waste of time lol.”

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So, anyone else going to try and beat this God of War speedrun?