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God of War 2018 Walkthrough: Guide To Complete The PS4 Classic

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Welcome to the God of War 2018 walkthrough. In this guide, we're going to give you tips on leveling, resource locations and how to find artifacts.

In this God of War PS4 guide, through exploration around Midgard you'll discover Norse mythology, dozens of collectibles and challenging boss fights. Discover the Jotnar Shrines, Idun Apples, treasure map locations, and much more.

Suffice to say, that the following God of War 2018 walkthrough is littered with spoilers. Please be wary that you will see names of enemies and bosses, and within the individual guides there may be some storyline spoilers.

Also, our God of War guide is currently a work in progress and not yet fully complete. Join Kratos and Atreus for an epic journey, and click on the tips below for solutions and help on your travels.

General God of War Tips

God of War 2018 Walkthrough – Campaign Quests

  1. Chapter 1: The Marked Trees
  2. Chapter 2: Path to the Mountain
  3. Chapter 3: A Realm Beyond
  4. Chapter 4: The Light of Alfheim – Find A Way Out of The Temple, How to Break Into The Hive
  5. Chapter 5: Inside the Mountain
  6. Chapter 6: A New Destination
  7. Chapter 7: The Magic Chisel – How To Solve The Seasons Puzzle
  8. Chapter 8: The Sickness
  9. Chapter 9: Freya's Cave and Sanctuary
  10. Chapter 10: The Black Rune
  11. Chapter 11: Return to the Summit
  12. Chapter 12: Escape From Helheim
  13. Chapter 13: A Path to Jotunheim
  14. Chapter 14: Between the Realms
  15. Chapter 15: Jotunheim in Reach
  16. Chapter 16: Mother's Ashes
  17. Chapter 17: The Journey Home

God of War Treasure Map Walkthrough

God of War Nornir Chests

God of War Labors

God of War Dwarven Favors

God of War Artifact Guide

God of War Resources Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you ever crafting material available in God of War, and more importantly, where to find them all.

God of War Bosses

About The Bosses

God of War Trophy Guide

Our God of War 2018 walkthrough is currently a work in progress. Check back as we update our guides over the next few days.

God of War is available to buy now exclusively on PS4. Visit the PlayStation website to find out more.