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God of War Best Skills Guide To Kicking Monster Ass

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Having trouble dealing with those hordes of Draugr? Trolls got you feeling down? Well we can help you out with our God of War best skills guide to give you the edge you need to slaughter whatever the Norse Mythology throws at you. In the new God of War PS4 game, get leveling up your stats, get a ton of Hacksilver, and get the right skills for the fight ahead.

Once you have gained enough XP, check out our list below and grab these Skills as early as you can to gain the best early advantage over your enemies.

God of War Best Skills: Kratos

Executioner’s Cleave – This overhead axe cleave takes a bit to charge up, but deals massive damage and has a few invincibility frames during its animation. It’s also a trigger for several late-game Perks.

Whirling Storm – Press forward and R1 after dodging for a quick slash. This is great for squeezing in damage between dodges on enemies that attack frequently.

Whirlwind Throw and Whirlwind Fury – This heavy combo after changing stances has Kratos throwing his axe to deal heavy, staggering damage to a single foe. Combined with the Blessings of the Frost Runic Attack, this can be used to pin-doww and quickly defeat agile, aggressive enemies like Wulvers.

Returning Whirlwind – This move lets you smoothly transition out of bare-handed stance by recalling your axe with a spinning attack.

Returning Storm – Like Raging Whirlwind, this move gives you options for smoothly transitioning out of bare-handed stance while keeping hits up.

kratos and atreus in god of war 2018 for ps4

Guardian’s Justice and Guardian’s Judgement – This Shield Bash combo is essential for quickly filling an enemy’s Stun gauge. Quickly open up finisher moves, or use the concussive blast of Guardian’s Judgement to push enemies out of the arena.

Fury Beatdown – In Spartan Rage, this move extends the length of your R1 combo, allowing for more hits and health recovery. In tough late-game encounters, Spartan Rage becomes just as valuable for its healing as its damage.

Guardian’s Revenge and Guardian’s Fury – This stance change combo with the shield is an effective Stun gauge filler and knockback move, like the Justice and Judgement combo.

Countering Strike – This shield R1 follow-up to a timed parry has a huge knockback effect, allowing you to create space to manuever or quickly remove enemies from a fight by knocking them out of the arena.

Countering Crush – This shield R2 follow-up to a timed parry has a reliable launcher effect. While an enemy is airborne, quickly switch to the Leviathan Axe for light swings that continue juggling the enemy and keeping them from retaliating.

God of War Best Skills: Atreus

Acrobatics – While Atreus is chocking an enemy, use the Axe’s R2 uppercut launcher to have Atreus combo off the enemy for additional damage.

Light Potency I, II, and III – These upgrades dramatically increase the Stun potency of Atreus’ light arrows, which are essential for removing the game’s most annoying threats (like Revenant and Dark Elves) from a fight early.

We hope you enjoyed our best God of War Skills guide! Check out our God of War 2018 walkthrough.