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God of War Second Hand Soul Walkthrough And Boss Fight

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In the God of War Second Hand Soul quest, you can some great rewards. However, before you complete the favor you're going to need to defeat a tough boss.

The Second Hand Soul Favor begins in the Volunder Mines. Speak with Brokkr to start the quest. The objective is to Find Brok's friend, or what's left of us. Check out our God of War PS4 walkthrough for further tips, or keep reading for the full guide.

“Brok just asked us to find his Alchemist friend. Andvari, at the Volunder Mines. Father isn't big on helping people for no rewards, but Brok did just gve us the entry stone to the mines, maybe we should look into it.”

Second Hand Soul – Find The Dwarf With A Green Ring

The reward for completing God of War Second Hand Soul is a Rare Pommel and 3290XP. First, you need to find the dwarf with a green ring. Examine the lore on the runes in the first room and then head through the door.

Follow the path forward, leaping over the gap and smashing the planks. There's a short cut-scene where you'll see Soul Eater, one of the God of War bosses.

Head down to the area where you saw Soul Eater, and get ready to face some enemies. You can aim your axe at the hanging pot to drop the flames and kill some of them. Get rid of the flying Nightmares first as they can be a real pain!

There's a World Serpent Scale Fragment on the floor to the left if you're facing the small waterfall. There's also some Hacksilver at the foot of the fall.

Open the gate on the right-side of the cave and head through. More level 2 enemies await just through the tunnel. Remember you can use Atreus to also target them with arrows. There's more World Serpent Scale Fragments in this area. Check the wooden planks on the right of where you killed the enemies and there's a chest.

Move forward and climb down the chain. There's more Nightmares to contend with. Check the red chest to get some Soft Svargtalfheim Steel and more World Serpent Scale Fragments. There's also a scroll on the floor that starts the Dead and Bloated treasure map quest.

Head under the broken bridge and jump down where you see the next chain. In this area you'll see a gate that you can interact with. Open the gate and you'll see the Soul Eater, and the ring you are looking for on the severed hand.

Second Hand Soul: Defeat The Soul Eater

As you head back into the main room, you'll face more enemies. Climb up the chain, and onto the next platform. You'll see some blue runes inscribed onto the wall on the left. Look up to your right and use you axe to hit the hanging basket. You've destroyed one seal. On the platform at the top of the chain, look to the left and you'll see another rune seal you can throw your axe at to destroy.

The final seal is in the room where you can see Soul Eater, just behind the chest. Jump over to where you initial saw the three runes on the wall, and you can now open the door. Follow the path and you're about to fight God of War boss Soul Eater.

Check out our guide on how to beat Soul Eater.

After, you defeat him, Return to Brok to claim your reward.