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God of War Witch’s Cave Chest Guide – How to Solve The Puzzle

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Use this God of War Witch's Cave Chest Guide - How to Solve the Puzzle guide to discover another solution to one of the game's many mysteries. Kratos and Atreus need to come back to the Witch's house after reaching the Top of The Mountain. They will need to recover the head of Mimir. You will be challenged by the low level of water in the cave because of Jörmungandr's movement.

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God of War Way to Witch's Cave

From the Lake of Nine, you must leave Brok's shop and head right down the stairs. Jump into your boat and row in a southwest direction of the lake where you will find the canyon beside Thor's statue. Anchor your boat. Now you have to use Atreus' shock arrows to clear the World Tree sap in front of you then use the elevator (move the crank).

Once you reach the top, go out of the elevator and move forward. There will another World Tree sap again on your right so you will need the shock arrows again. Continue to walk in and destroy all enemies and just continue to walk through the opening you created.

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God of War Witch’s Cave Chest – How To Open It

Muspelheim Cypher and Nornir Chest Seal

The next part you will need to sharpen your memory. You will find a chest here with the Muspelheim cypher inside. Break the Nornir chest, which is located at a hole in the wall facing the entrance. Do not forget this location as you have to go back here later.

Go back to the main road, turn right, and then jump. You will land in a rack. Then turn left and you will find again the second Nornir chest seal located at the left side as you exit. Break the Nornir. There will be a gap on your right which can't be jumped over. Again use Atreus' arrows (light arrows) l and fire at the crystal found on the other side of the gap. You will create a bridge and use it to cross but pay attention of the Nornir (one with lighted rune) you'll pass by.

The Final Witch's Cave Chest Seal

Break the last chest seal using a Shatter Crystal from the hoard on the path. Use it to hit the World Tree sap on the wall. Quickly use Atreus' shock arrows to completely destroy the sap. Now climb up the room and defeat the monsters you will encounter. Then take the treasure chest and break the last Nornir seal located at the top left of the room. Climb into the room, clear it of monsters, then grab the treasure chest and break the final Nornir seal. It's high in the top left of the room. Open the Nornir chest, go back to final seal's location and pull up the gate on your left.

Sandbowl Puzzle

While leaving the room's gate, there will be a big mobile trolley which you will use to move Atreus from one part of the room to another. Use your axe to create an opening. Atreus will be boosted once he passed the hole. This will enable him to walk around the pathway above you.

Place the trolley in front of Atreus so he can climb up. Then move it to the other side but you need to break the panels blocking him so he can jump off again. Now focus on the sand bowl on the pedestal. Go left of the sand bowl and break the panels in the ceiling that are covering the runes using your axe. Instruct Atreus to read them and press square to activate the bowl while your eyes are on him. The stage where the sand bowl is will lower. Jump across the gap to reach the sand bowl platform then open the chest on the right.

God of War Witch’s Cave Chest Guide - How to Solve The Puzzle

Remember when we ask you to remember? The thing is now you have to go back to the room where you broke the first Nornir chest. Walk straight forward in the room's entrance, climb up and there, you find the Witch house.

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