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God of War Magni and Modi Boss Fight Guide

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In this God of War Magni and Modi boss fight guide, we're going to show you how to beat the Sons of Thor. This pair of bruisers appear at Thamur's Corpse and are determine to stop Kratos in his tracks.

In Chapter 7, The Magic Chisel, you'll face off against Magni and Modi. The Magni and Modi bosses in God of War will take turns facing Kratos and Atreus. At any point if one of them grabs Atreus, go and rescue him immediately.

Here's some details about the God of War bosses strengths. If you’re looking for other boss fight guides, check out our PS4 walkthrough for God of War.

  • Magni - Wields a great sword that is imbued with cyclonic thunder. He gets up close for battle and can dodge away swiftly when in danger.
  • Modi - Wields a shield and mace. He'll also try and get close, so making sure you're getting ready to block is crucial.

How To Beat The Magni and Modi Boss Fight

With two bosses in the fight, it's easy to get distracted. Just keep your focus on Magni, as Modri will be fighting Atreus.

Remember to watch the visual cues on screen. The red glowing circle indicates that your enemy is striking, immediately dodge out of the way. You can usually get a few quick strikes in the few seconds he takes to lift his sword back up.

Phase One is fairly straight forward. You'll see Magni executing just two moves, a sidewards slash and an overhead wallop. Both can be avoided by keeping your distance, and rolling out of the way before counter attacking.

When Magni goes to his knees, a shield will form all around him which you can't attack. At this point concentrate on Modi. Block break (L1 x 2) plays an important part here. When he swings his mace at you, block break it and then launch a quick counter attack.

The Magni and Modi brothers then get really angry and a thunderstorm is summoned. Kratos and Atreus will go back to back, and you need to get ready to block attacks.

Keep an eye on the directional pointer, which tells you which way the incoming attack is coming from. You need to rotate your thumbstick to spin Kratos around to that direction and face your attacker. Press block at exactly the right time to send the enemy flying over you. You'll need to do this three times to move onto the next phase.

In the next phase of the Magni and Modi boss fight, they'll also have ranged attacks as well as their current moves. There's lightning bombs and a lightning strike to contend with, with comes sweeping across the floor.

Magni can also now grab you. If you does this, press Square and Atreus will help you out by firing an arrow, and you can drop a head butt on him. The same will happen as before with Magni on his knees, giving you time to go and attack Modi.

Once you've damaged Modi further, you'll have another round of Kratos and Atreus back to back. This time it's tougher. You need to rotate twice as fast because two attack are coming. Watch the directional arrows, spin Kratos around and time your block to perfect three times.

It's the final battle, and the same pattern as last time before you kill them both.

The Magni and Modi boss fight is actually easier than it first appears. It can last 10 minutes or more, and you really need to be disciplined. The main tips for this fight are:

  • Concentrate on Magni at all times until he goes to one knee, then lay into Modi.
  • Dodge, dodge and dodge again, and only attack after you've rolled out of the way so you can be sure to get a clean attack.
  • If you've built up your Spartan Rage use it.
  • Watch for the red directional arrows on screen, and get ready to dodge, and rotate Kratos towards them for the Kratos/Atreus back-to-back sequence.

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