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God of War Realm Tears Locations

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To find all the God of War Realm Tears locations, you'll need to search far and wide. In total there are 18 Realm Tears to find to complete the Labor, and the more you discover, the more XP you'll earn.

Realm Tears are portals to another dimension which Kratos has to close. They spawn out enemies until he defeats them before he reaches his hand back in to close them.

As well as earning XP from closing all 18 Realm Tears, you'll also earn crafting resources, like Pure Essence of the Realms and Dust of Realms, which you can use in crafting recipes to get better gear for Kratos.

18 God of War Realm Tears

God of War Realm Tears LocationNotesEnemy Type
Alfheim TowerTop of TowerLevel 4 Draugr
Alfheim TowerTop of TowerLevel 6 Draugr
Veithurgard PassBy Stone Falls after you open gates.No enemies
Vanaheim TowerJust inside, shoot crystals down.Level 7 Revenant
Light Elf ShoreHidden beach area by the Lake of Light.Level 4 Draugr
Light Elf SanctuaryHidden beach around Lake of Light.Level 4 Draugr
Light Elf OutpostInside outpost .No enemies
Light Elf OutpostTop of the outpost. Break crystals.Level 8 Hel-Reaver
Svartalfheim TowerBehind the tower.Level 7 Wulver
Isle of DeathSouthwest of Tyr's TempleNo enemies
Between Alfheim Tower and Njord's OarmenHigh on a cliff between these two locationsLevel 6 Hel-Reaver
Iron CoveSouthwest of Tyr's TempleNo enemies
Konunshard StrongholdLevel 7 Hel-Viken
Thamur's CorpseNorth Midgard (snowy region)No enemies
Thamur's CorpseAfter you get Giant's Chisel, open Hidden Chamber.No enemies
Mountain SummitYou'll find this one automatically in the campaign.Level 7 Hel-Reaver
WildwoodsHidden Chamber of Odin (need chisel)Level 8 Revenant
Sindri's Favor‘Ivaldi's Workshop' -Costs 10K Mist EchoesLevel 8 Ogre
Sindri's Favor‘Ivaldi's Workshop' - 15k Mist EchoesLevel 8 Revenant
Sindri's Favor‘Ivaldi's Workshop' - 20k Mist EchoesSoul Devourer

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