God of War update hints at a better storyline for Kratos’ PS4 debut


SIE Santa Monica Studuio has offered a brief God of War update over social media, confirming the upcoming PS4-exclusive action game is progressing smoothly despite not having shown much on the title recently. 

Writing on Twitter in response to a fan asking how things are coming along, the game’s director, Cory Barlog, replied, “Its going well. Its a daily emotional meat grinder but i feel very good about what we are doing.”

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He also spoke of his desire to improve upon the God of War series’ narrative values for this latest instalment in the action-adventure franchise. “That is my goal, but all of you will really be the judge. This team is just damn incredible, though, so my confidence is high,” he said.

Finally, Barlog also hinted that the God of War release date may have already been set, at least internally. When a cheeky fan quizzed him on the game’s launch, Barlog replied: “i think i could but i dont want yet sorry.”

God of War was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference complete with a sweeping orchestral score. Kratos’ PS4 debut will dabble in Norse mythology and eschew the Greek trappings of his previous, blood-filled exploits, and he’ll also have a young son to keep an eye on. This time around, the anti-hero is a little more grizzly in appearance, and has found a way to master his infamous rage.

Pleasingly, Sony has already confirmed that God of War is not going to be the final entry in the franchise to star Kratos. The studio has promised a meaty single-player campaign, and while previous comments seemed to dismiss the inclusion of a multiplayer component, it now seems it could be on the cards after all.

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Source: Wccftech