God of War PS4

God of War PS4 game rating reveals intense, violent sequences

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The official God of PS4 game description taken from the ESRB rating guide has revealed some new snippets of information about the upcoming action-adventure.

God of War PS4 has had a Mature rating slapped on it due to its scenes of blood and gore, intense violence and strong language.

Here's the full God of War PS4 game rating:

“This is an action adventure game in which players assume the role of half-human, half god-like Kratos as he battles supernatural forces with his son. From an over-the-shoulder perspective, players travel through the Norse wilderness and uses axes, double-chained blades, and swords to battle various enemies (eg. rival gods/demigods, monsters, dragons, skeleton warriors). Combat is frequent and often bloody, with characters punching and kicking each other repeatedly, using bladed weapons to slash/stab/impale enemies. Larger enemies and bosses are dispatched in more intense sequences of violence: Kratos slashing and stabbing a dragon's tongue; a character using an axe to hook and tear off an ogre's jaw. During one sequence, players decapitate (off-screen) an imprisoned character and carry the severed head around; headless corpses also appear in other scenes. The words f**k and ‘a*shole appear in the dialogue”.

So, we know that Kratos will be able to wield a variety of weapons, including the return of the double-chained blades, and we learn more about the enemies he faces, which include dragons and skeletons. What's interesting too is that we get to hear about some of the sequences, which involves a dragon - possibly the one seen in the God of War PS4 trailer.

The God of War PS4 release date is confirmed for 2018. We're currently awaiting an official date.