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Godfall Dev Expects PS5 SSD To Be ‘Biggest Overall Game-Changer’ In Next Few Years

Keith Lee, CEO of Godfall developer Counterplay Games, has said he expects the PS5 SSD to be the ‘biggest overall game-changer’ allowing for more than just faster loading times as game makers squeeze more of the hardware.

Speaking in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Lee commented:

Over the next few years I’d expect that the SSD may be the biggest overall game-changer. As we move from generic engine code designed to run on PC or PC to hand-tuned streaming pipeline developed specifically for the PS5 we should see amazing leaps in both content details as well as the speed with which this content loads.

This won’t just mean denser open worlds that load faster, but super-detailed small environments.

Godfall was released for the PS5 and PC in November 2020, and served as a launch game for Sony’s latest home console. You can read our review of the loot-slasher here.

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[Source – OPM UK Issue 187, May 2021]