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Godfall Exalted Update Set For April 7, Adds ‘Every Major Fan-Requested Feature Since Launch’

Godfall Exalted is launching for PS5 and PS4 on April 7, 2022, Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing have announced.

This is a major and long-awaited update for the looter-slasher, which adds a heap of new content such as quality of life improvements, cosmetics, and most importantly, “every major fan-requested feature tracked since launch.”

Daniel Nordlander, Game Director at Counterplay Games, commented:

We have been tracking this feedback on forums, social media posts, as well as countless streams and videos in an effort to target where we didn’t quite hit player expectations or, at times, even our own.

The Exalted Update is not only a thank you to the players that have been with us since day one helping us improve, but offers new players the best moment to jump in and experience the World of Aperion.

Godfall‘s Exalted update is the culmination of a year and a half of post-launch support and directly speaks to major elements our community has been telling us they want to experience in Godfall.

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Godfall Exalted’s many features include revamped combat, with all weapons come equipped with powerful Timing Attacks that can be executed after using a weapon technique. There’s also a Revive system being added, which comes in handy in co-op as your teammates can now get you back in the action.

Elsewhere, the Sigil mechanic has been removed completely and instead the game has streamlined how Realm Bosses function. As such, players can challenge Realm Bosses as soon as the story allows it, although each one has three captains scattered throughout their realm, which must be defeated to remove the bosses powerful banes.

Godfall was originally released for PS5 and PC in November 2020, and has since come to PS4.