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Gotham Knights Is Reportedly Locked To 4K/30FPS On PS5

Gotham Knights is being reported as locked to 30 frames per second and a 4K resolution on PS5 and other current generation consoles, with no option to switch to a 60 frames per second mode at potentially a lower resolution, if not a checkerboarded 4K.

Website WccfTech spotted a user on ResetEra confirming the graphical options do not include a 60fps mode, only including options to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and HDR.

Now, players are already talking about cancelling their pre-orders if the confirmation does come through from WB Games Montreal that it is locked to 30fps on PS5.

Gotham Knight’s Reddit is already filled with a thread of players saying that they would cancel their pre-order, and simply play it on PC, to get a 60fps experience.

Of course it’s always possible that WB Games Montreal will add a 60fps mode down the line, though it looks like that won’t be the case at launch for current generation console players.

Source – [WccfTech]

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