Gran Turismo 5 online features revealed?

A recent press event in Japan has revealed what appears to be a list of online featuares to be included in the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3.

The list of features is as followed:

Online Garage
A place to store your vehicles for others to see.

Voice Chat
Online talking

Head to Head Racing
Simple 1 vs 1 racing

Bulletin Board
For news postings and announcements.

Time Trial
Try your luck against time.

Spectator Mode
Not ready to hit the pavement? Well watch on to scout your foe(s)

Track Day
Who knows what this might be.

Team Builder
Online clans perhaps? The ability to assemble a group of racers and manage with them?

B-Spec Race
Again, who knows what this could be.

Club Builder
Possible similarities with Team Builder, perhaps?

License Test
Gain your license through various test.

Coloring / Livery Editor
Pimp Your Ride

Drift Contest
Name says it all, who good are your drifting skills?

Number Plate Editor
Simple, customize your tags.

Tunning / Setting Features
Pretty much self-explanatory.

Race Builder Tool
Create your own tracks and race modes?

Friend List
Keep your buddies in line.

Photo Album
PC Support has been able to save 46.


That is one large list…

So as you can see, the list is pretty huge and in depth (pending official confirmation), with GT5 turning out to be one of the better racing games of 2008 – with a little competition in the form of Midnight Club: Los Angeles, naturally.

Gran Turismo 5 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive racing sim that is backed by the success of its four mammoth predecessors. GT5 will feature over 700 cars including for the first time ever, Ferrari vehicles. Also for the first time ever will be a complete online mode as well as real-time In-Car view to immerse gamers into the racing experience. Set to release in 2008, Gran Turismo 5 is a must own for any PS3 racing enthusiast.

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Source: onAXIS