Gran Turismo 6: how to earn 20 million credits in just a few minutes

Gran Turismo 6 features a rather handy glitch that allows gamers to earn a whopping 20 million credits in just a few minutes.

As reported by OPM, players are required to install the latest patch for Polyphony Digital’s racer, purchase a Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo and complete the following steps:

1. Head into Vision GT and buy the Mercedes-Benz noted above for approximately 1,000,000 credits.
2. Save the game and quit
3. Go to the Game Data Utility on the PS3’s XMB and delete update 1.01
4. Restart GT6 but do NOT download the update when prompted
5. Enter your garage and sell the Mercedes-Benz you purchased earlier. You will earn 20 million credits for the sale

The glitch will almost certainly be patched sharpish, so get in there quick to exploit it while you still can.

Or, if you fancy, you could always grab the cash the honest way by splashing out £120 of your real-life money…