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Gran Turismo 7 Has Been Rated In Australia

Gran Turismo 7 is still a ways out with it’s release date set for March 4, 2022, and ahead of that it’s been rated in Australia.

It was given a G classification, as is usually the case with Gran Turismo titles, so nothing new there. What this really means, is that Gran Turismo 7 seems to be on track, and should release on time without issue next year.

So while it’s not the biggest update, it is at least a reassuring one. The pandemic has caused delays across the industry and continues to do so. Big Bad Wolf Studio just today announced the delay of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong citing the pandemic as a main cause.

For now though, and likely until March, it seems that Gran Turismo fans can rest easy, as Polyphony is more than on the case.

In other Gran Turismo 7 news, check out this recent trailer showcasing the over 400 cars that will be available to collect in the game.

Source – [Australian Ratings Board]