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Gran Turismo Film Faces Backlash For Its “Reprehensible” Handling Of A Spectator’s Tragic Death

The Gran Turismo film is beginning to release in different regions around the world, and critic reviews have so far been less enthusiastic than Sony would have liked, though one moment in particular is being called out more than any other.

In 2015, Jann Mardenborough, the driver who the Gran Turismo film is based on, crashed his car in a freak accident during the first race of the season during the Nurburgring Nordschleife, which resulted in multiple spectators being injured, and one tragically dying.

The Gran Turismo film portrays this crash, though it take creative license regarding when the crash actually takes place. In the film, the crash happens the night before Mardenborough is set to race at Le Mans 24 hour event, where he placed third, using his guilt as motivation for the feat.

In reality, the crash occurred two years after Mardenborough finished third at Le Mans, and the film’s restructuring of the timeline is being called “reprehensible” by critics.

Charlotte O’Sullivan does not mince words in her review for Evening Standard, going as far to shame Sony for how it handled the crash.

“In the movie, Mardenborough is involved in a crash at Nürburgring, which has fatal consequences for a spectator. Due to race at Le Mans 24 Hours, Jann is naturally guilt-ridden, which, in turn, leads to rousing pep talks from Jack and Danny. The ending couldn’t be more upbeat (the big tragedy is followed by the hugest of wins).

“In reality, though, the lead-up to Mardenborough’s Le Mans triumph was smooth and the horrific accident came two years later. Suggesting the incident helped propel Jann to greatness is not only false, it’s reprehensible.

“The family of that spectator have had their worst nightmare turned into a moveable feast. Shame on you, Sony.”

Oli Welsh for Polygon called the restructuring “tasteless,” and on top of the rest of the reviews also calling out how much the film feels more like an advertisement stretched out into a film’s runtime, it looks like PlayStation Productions latest film venture once again hasn’t landed.

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