Gran Turismo Sport car models look so good they’ll be used on PS5


Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has said that the car models used in Gran Turismo Sport are of such a high quality that they’ll even be used on the PS5. 

The models that we use for Gran Turismo Sport now, these models will probably support generations of consoles beyond the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro,” Yamauchi-san told IGN.

This level of data will probably carry us for the next 10 years or so, I think, because the level of precision of these models is unmatched anywhere in the world right now. The only models that are higher in quality to what we have here would be the CAD models coming straight from the manufacturers, which cannot be rendered in real-time, obviously.

For models that can be rendered in real-time, this really is the best data that you’ll find anywhere in the world.”

Gran Turismo Sport, which looks fantastic in 4K,  is scheduled for release in Q4 2017, with a recent magazine listing pointing to a November 16 launch. While not a numbered entry in the venerable racing franchise, Sport is still considered a full-fledged Gran Turismo game, sporting a wealth of features such as a full career mode, PlayStation VR support, live eSports events, 177 cars, plus 19 tracks to race on. One of the only features missing from previous entries will be dynamic weather, though you can still choose what time of day you wish to race in when selecting a course. 

Launched in 1997 on the original PlayStation, the Gran Turismo franchise by far the most successful first-party series released to date on Sony platforms, moving over 76 million copies worldwide across multiple consoles.

The PS5 release isn’t expected anytime soon, with analysts predicting we’ll see the new PlayStation model no sooner than 2019/2020.