Gran Turismo Sport PS4 bundle announced by Sony



Sony has unveiled the limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PS4 console, which comes in the shape of a 1TB PS4 Slim console featuring a silver GT Sport faceplate and matching DualShock 4 pad. It also ships with a Day One Edition of GT Sport featuring $250,000 in-game credits and other bonus content. 



Sony Europe has revealed that it has ‘something new’ in the pipeline that it’s been teasing on social media today, which may be a Gran Turismo Sport PS4 bundle.

While the initial teaser on its European PlayStation Twitter didn’t reveal much of anything beyond a brief video teaser, the Spanish arm of the console maker included a not-too-subtle car emoji alongside the video, indicating it’s something pertaining to Polyphony Digital’s upcoming racer.

That’s about all we have to go on right now, although a GT Sport-related reveal would definitely make sense given the fact the game is only two months away from release. 

Sony typically accompanies major game releases with a PS4 hardware bundle, so it wouldn’t surprise if they decide to package GT Sport with PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro to tempt those new adopters. 

Gran Turismo Sport is due out exclusively on PS4 on October 18, 2017. The game was initially due to ship in November 2016, but was delayed almost a year for additional development time.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the GT franchise, has said that the car models used in GT Sport are of such a high quality that they could potentially be used in Sony’s next-generation console. 

He’s also claimed that GT Sport could comfortably run at 8K resolution on the PS5.