Grand Theft Auto 5 hits another huge milestone as RDR 2 release delayed


The NPD Group has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best-selling video game in the U.S. since the outfit began tracking numbers in 1995.

That’s according to a Tweet by fellow NPD Group analyst, Mat Piscatella, who clarified that the milestone pertains to money generated and not units sold, with Call of Duty: Black Ops being the second best-selling game in the country. What isn’t known, however, is how close the gap is between the two juggernaut titles.

It’s probably not all that surprising that GTA 5 has taken the top spot considering its immediate and continued success at retail since launching in September 2013. The game quickly surpassed lifetime sales of its predecessor in the U.K. in just three weeks, and pulled in a tidy $800 million in just 24 hours. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game were quickly followed by a PS4, PC, and Xbox One re-release, featuring a wealth of additional content.

The current-generation versions of GTA 5 went on to sell-in an impressive 10 million copies in just a few months. Last month, publisher Take-Two confirmed that the critically acclaimed open-world game had shipped 80 million copies worldwide across all available platforms. Rockstar Games is continuing to pump out new content for GTA Online, although it appears initial plans for GTA 5 single-player content have been quietly scrapped. 

GTA 5 differs from its predecessors by offering three playable characters that can be switched to at any time, allowing for dynamic missions such as coordinated heists between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Each character has a unique set of skills that must be utilised efficiently if you’re to nab the big bucks during these missions. The crime opus offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, with the main campaign supplemented by a host of side quests to tackle, plus the chance to indulge in everything from tennis, scuba-diving, earning a pilot’s licence, to trading on the stock market. 

In other Rockstar Games news, the Red Dead Redemption 2 release was delayed. Players can expect to get their hands on the sequel to the open-world Wild West game in Spring 2018.

Source: GameRant