Grand Theft Auto San Andreas removed from PSN, HD re-release imminent?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas could be receiving the high-definition treatment at some point in the near future, following the removal of the digital download version of the game from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace.

Rockstar hasn’t said anything official on the matter yet, though presumably, they’re gearing up for a PS3 and Xbox 360 re-release soon. The timing is spot-on too, as San Andreas celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend.

If that wasn’t enough to spark rumors of a HD release, XboxAchievements has turned up a list of Achievements for a potential re-release.

Up until now, the critically acclaimed sandbox title was available to purchase via Sony and Microsoft’s online services in its original SD incarnation, as is the case with GTA: Vice City and various spin-off titles. 

Would you fork out for a HD version of San Andreas? Let us know below.

via NowGamer