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Grand Theft Auto VI Could Reportedly Miss Its 2025 Release Window And Slip Into 2026

A new report from Kotaku says that according to Kotaku’s sources, Grand Theft Auto VI could very well be delayed out of its 2025 release window and slip into 2026.

This comes after Rockstar instituted a very unpopular return-to-office mandate, which seems to be playing a key role in why things are slowing down with GTA VI’s production, and why a delay into 2026 is reportedly possible.

To be clear at no time in the report does it suggest that this delay is an inevitability, only that production has “fallen behind” and that if this continues, it could very well result in players having to wait until 2026 to play GTA VI.

It should also be noted that we don’t actually know when Grand Theft Auto VI is going to release. We have a release window of 2025, but not a specific release date.

We have had reports that it is meant to arrive sometime in February 2025, but those are also just unconfirmed reports.

At the end of the day it’s still unclear when we’ll actually get our hands on GTA VI. Even if it stayed in 2025, it could still be more than a year at time of writing until we actually play GTA VI.

Source – [Kotaku]