Grave VR horror teased as the ‘Silent Hill’ for PlayStation VR

Coming first to HTC Vive in October, Grave VR is coming to PlayStation VR by the end of the year, the developer has informed us.

Grave VR strips things right back as it aims to deliver psychological thrills through a story-driven narrative. Creative Director Tristan Parrish Moore from Broken Windows Studios says:

“We see Grave VR as the "Silent Hill" to Brookhaven Experiment’s "Resident Evil," since there are no conventional weapons and the game takes a much more psychological approach to horror. We want the player to feel dis-empowered and vulnerable, and are breaking form from the usual zombie survival VR experiences.”

grave screenshot with monsters

The action begins when you wake up in the middle of a desert, not knowing how you got there. As you explore the darkness in search of clues it appears that light and the environment will be your major weapons as you seek out resources and hidden areas.

Expect to come face-to-face with a range of deadly monsters, including Strangers, Orphans, Wraiths, and The Tortured, each of which will offer a different challenge.

A release date for Grave VR on PSVR has yet to be announced, but get ready to face your demons very soon, and find more information on the official site.