Gravity Rush 2 TGS 2016 trailer is so warm and beautiful

Sony PlayStation has released a new trailer for the upcoming Gravity Rush 2 in honor of Tokyo Game Show 2016 and has me wishing December wasn’t so far away.

Gravity Rush 2’s TGS 2016 trailer is a welcome break from the typical video game trailer we’re used to seeing – videos filled with explosive sound effects and bombastic videos. Much of what we have here treats us to various sights and characters in the upcoming sequel, set to a soothing, jazzy track, and all of it is beautiful.

The original Gravity Rush was developed for the PlayStation Vita and later remastered for PS4 and while interesting, felt held back by its handheld platform. Gravity Rush 2 looks to expand on just about every facet including with its visuals, animation, combat, and story. And as shown in the trailer, you can revisit Hekseville, the main city from the first game.

Gravity Rush 2 launches exclusively for the PS4 on December 2, 2016 in North America and the United Kingdom and a little bit earlier in Europe on November 30.