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Green Hell Brings Complex Survival Antics To PSVR 2 Today, Watch The Launch Trailer

Creepy Jar has unleashed the launched trailer for its PSVR 2 version of survival outing Green Hell. The game was originally released for PC and PS4, and can now be experienced with a fresh coat of paint using Sony’s latest VR headset.

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Green Hell plonks gamers in the Amazonian rainforest in an open-world survival simulator, where you’re left alone to your devices in an effort to survive without any food or starting equipment. Here, you’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive: start fires, build camps, hunt for food and treat any diseases and wounds you pick up along the way.

PSVR 2 gamers can now pick up Green Hell, and if you fancy reading more, you can check out our review of the original PS4 version here.