GS confirms discontinuation of 80GB for bigger HDD+DS3

Over the last week there has been a snowstorm of rumors floating around in regards to Sony’s PlayStation 3 console and their decisions to possibly discontinue the 80GB SKU from retailers worldwide. This all started with a leaked employee memo from a Best Buy and quickly followed suit by reports from a Gamestop employee who had said their store was discontinuing the SKU as well. Today, even more news broke about this supposed rumor that may finally put it to an end and give the consumers a more reliable answer.

Gamestop held a company-wide conference call today to discuss the matter. The call explained the details of the 80GB and confirmed that Sony would no longer be continuing the 80GB model. The speculation was that there would now be a 120GB+ model made available. However, with Sony denying the rumors that a 120GB model would be made available for the UK, it is unlikely to happen anywhere else as well. This puts further belief into the much desired 160GB model which would then provide users a larger startup space than its rival console fan base.

There is no news available as to when this upgraded version will be made available to retailers and consumers alike, fortunately there has been confirmation in a sense that this new SKU will include the highly anticipated DualShock 3. The DualShock 3 is currently only available in Japan, though some PS3 owners have imported the model to their home countries, this will mark the first time they have been released worldwide. The DualShock 3’s biggest appeal is the addition of rumble to the user’s hands. This was a big topic issue at launch and shortly prior to.

With GDC just around the corner, we expect them to make the announcement then, if not beforehand. Either way, it feels good to make some much needed ground on this subject.