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GTA 6 Hacker Reportedly Plans To Resume Criminal Activities After His Release From Jail

Arion Kurta, the teenage hacker responsible for leaking details on Grand Theft Auto 6 back in 2022, has reportedly vowed to return to a life of crime after he is released from jail.

Psychiatrist Dr. Claudia Camden-Smith revealed during a court hearing last week that Kurtaj revealed during his assessment that he intends to continue committing crimes following his release from jail. The 18-year-old has been incarcerated since September 2022.

The following is a recap of what prosecuted Kevin Barry had to say during the hearing saying:

This material was highly confidential as the game is a billion-dollar franchise and the latest installment is hotly anticipated. He published some of the stolen footage taken during the hack on online forums and blackmailed Rockstar Games that he would release the precious source code which forms the building blocks of the game unless they contacted him – presumably to discuss ransom payment.

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Kurtaj belong to a notorious cyber-crime group known as Lapsus$ who were responsible for hacking a number of major companies, including Nvidia, Uber, Revolut and more. Kurtaj attempted to blackmail Rockstar Games by threatening to release the source code for the in-progress build of GTA 6 that he accused during the hack.

Rockstar unveiled the first trailer for GTA 6 last week and confirmed that the game would be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025.

[Source – Insider-Gaming]