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GTA 6 Is Going To Be The ‘Biggest Game Ever,’ Says The Voice And Face Of GTA 5’s Michael De Santa

Ned Luke, the voice actor and likeness for Michael in GTA 5, has made it clear that he’s more than a little impressed by GTA 6, suggesting it’s going to be the ‘biggest game ever’ and head praised on its female protagonist, Lucia. He also hit back at critics who suggested Rockstar Games had ‘gone woke.’

Speaking with IGN, Luke observed after watching the GTA 6 trailer that it appears to be somewhere in between the dark tone of GTA 4 and the comedy of GTA 5.

I’ve said this before – from an acting standpoint, not just a protagonist, just top to bottom, I think that our game was if not the best, one of the best acted game in video game history.

There’s so much comedy. Comedy is fucking hard man. Drama’s not hard to do, at least for me from an acting standpoint. Comedy’s hard. I think that this thing, from the trailer, it looks like it’s going to be a little heavier than ours was. It looks like all the comedy and all the weirdness is going to be on the outside, and all those ancillary characters. It had a little heavier vibe, it felt to me between us and [GTA] 4, almost. Because 4 was really dark.

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GTA 6 is going to be the biggest game ever. But she looked good, but protagonist-wise, she looks like a badass to me. That last scene where they come busting in, she just looked like a badass. And the thing that was cool was that she led the way. She kicked open the door, and then Jason was back here. So I don’t know if you read into that as she’s going to be the big time and he’s going to be with her, or what.

GTA 6 is pencilled in for release in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, although a concrete launch date has yet to be nailed down by Rockstar. For more reading on the upcoming crime sequel, check out our guide on GTA 6 PS5 – Everything you need to know about the latest Grand Theft Auto.

[Source – IGN]