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GTA 6 PS5 – Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Grand Theft Auto

gta6 ps5 release date characters online dlc trailer

Need to know the confirmed GTA 6 PS5 release date? Looking for the latest GTA 6 PS5 trailer? Desperate for details on GTA 6 PS5 Pro? Or maybe you’re looking for the latest GTA 6 PS5 news? From the GTA 6 PS5 release date to gameplay details, GTA 6 on PS5, the latest GTA 6 trailer, PS5 Pro rumours and more, here’s everything you need to know about GTA 6 on PS5 in our handy guide.

GTA 6 PS5 – Everything You Need To Know

GTA 6 is real. Very real. And for players who are growing bored of their GTA 5 accounts, it is very exciting. Easily the most anticipated title of the past decade, GTA 6 is set to be an industry defining blockbuster when it releases sometime in 2025 (and sadly not in 2024). Representing superstar developer Rockstar Games at the very peak of its craft, GTA 6 isn’t just set to be the most ambitious Grand Theft Auto title ever, but Rockstar Games latest is also set to revolutionise open world adventures entirely.

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GTA 6 PS5 Release Date – When Can I Play Grand Theft Auto 6?

GTA 6 will officially release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X consoles sometime in 2025. GTA 6 PS5 will not release in 2024.

GTA 6 PS4 – Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Release On PlayStation 4?

No, GTA 6 will not release on PS4. The main reason for this is that the engine which underpins GTA 6 is simply far too demanding for PS4 and already looks to be pushing PS5 to its limits.

GTA 6 PS5 Pre-orders – Can We Pre-order Grand Theft Auto 6?

At the time of writing (January 2024), Rockstar Games has not made GTA 6 pre-orders available on PS5. However, this isn’t surprising as the game was only just announced and there isn’t a concrete release date beyond the 2025 window, and it’s still obviously a long way off at this point. It should also be pointed out that recent murmurs about GTA 6 pre-orders were denied by Rockstar, so there’s nothing out there right now.


GTA 6 PS5 Collectors Editions – What Grand Theft Auto 6 Collectors Editions Are Available?

Rockstar has yet to announce any GTA 6 collectors editions. However, given that GTA 5 received a special edition of the game (complete with baseball cap and various other physical goodies), there’s no reason to suggest that GTA 6 also won’t enjoy the same treatment.

GTA 6 PS5 Editions – How Much Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Cost?

The GTA 6 PS5 price will be no cheaper than $69.99. We know this because parent publisher Take Two has said that it has said it is not ‘seeing a pushback on frontline price’. That said, it wouldn’t be especially surprising to discover that the GTA 6 PS5 price goes higher than $70 since publisher recently Take Two disclosed that the current price point is ‘very, very low’ for what they offer.

GTA 6 Official Reveal – When Was Grand Theft Auto 6 Officially Revealed?

GTA 6 was officially revealed for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles on December 4, 2023 after a low quality version of the GTA 6 trailer leaked earlier that day. Before then however, GTA 6 was revealed to be in active development on February 4, 2022. You can catch the tweet from the official Rockstar X/Twitter account announcing that development on GTA 6 was underway below.

GTA 6 Location – Where Does Grand Theft Auto 6 Take Place?

In terms of the GTA 6 location, GTA 6 takes place not just in Vice City – last seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – but in the broader state of Leonidas, suggesting that we’re looking at multiple cities and locations beyond the sun-kissed beaches and neon-stained horizons of Vice City. The state of Leonidas was officially revealed by Rockstar in a Newswire post that was issued at the same time as the first official trailer for GTA 6.

gta 6 ps5 release date characters online dlc trailer 2

GTA 6 Story – What Is The Plot Of Grand Theft Auto 6?

Details on the GTA 6 story are currently thin on the ground, but what we know is that one of our revealed protagonists Lucia, finds herself drawn back to Leonidas State and Vice City as she attempts to rediscover herself after a stint in the grey bar hotel. Beyond her pairing with a mysterious fella – who also looks set to be the other half of GTA 6’s dual protagonist dynamic – it’s fair to say that Rockstar Games is playing the GTA 6 story details close to its chest indeed.

GTA 6 Characters – Who Are The Main Characters Of Grand Theft Auto 6?

So far, the only named GTA 6 character that we know is Lucia, a fearless Latin American lass with attitude to spare. That said, it’s also clear that her presently unnamed romantic partner also doubles up as her literal partner in crime too, reinforcing earlier rumours that GTA 6 would not only feature dual-protagonists but would also likely reuse the character switching system seen in Grand Theft Auto 5 too. Smart money is on the identity of Lucia’s partner being revealed sooner rather than later.

gta 6 ps5 release date characters online dlc trailer 1

GTA 6 PS5 Gameplay – How Does Grand Theft Auto 6 Play?

Though no official gameplay has been shown from GTA 6 on PS5 as yet – other than the in-engine footage seen in the GTA 6 PS5 announcement trailer – it is still obvious that GTA 6 will be an open world crime epic that will functionally resemble the Grand Theft Auto games that have come before it. However, while GTA 6 will play similarly to previous games, it’ll also boast a wide range of technological and gameplay improvements that will set it apart from other Grand Theft Auto titles (and likely every other open world game too).

At a minimum, while you can expect the same sort of open world exploration, third-person combat, high speed car chases and just about everything else you can think of in-between, GTA 6 looks set to take a leaf from the book of Red Dead Redemption 2 too, fully realising a physical world that reacts to everything you do from simply stepping off a curb to dancing the night away in a packed night club filled with other characters that move and dance and around you. Put simply, GTA 6 on PS5 is shaping up to be the next-generation Grand Theft Auto game you’ve always wanted.

GTA 6 PS5 Online – What Can We Expect From Grand Theft Auto 6 Multiplayer?

As yet, there are no official details about GTA 6 PS5 Online. Given the massive success of Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s extremely likely that Rockstar Games will update GTA Online to be in some functional parity with GTA 6 and use all of its new open world technology and gameplay features, rather than introduce new multiplayer functionality within GTA 6 (much like what the developer pulled off with Red Dead Redemption 2 and the initially embedded Red Dead Online multiplayer module).

gta 6 ps5 release date characters online dlc trailer 3

Latest GTA 6 PS5 Trailer – Where Can I Watch The Latest Trailer For Grand Theft Auto 6?

The latest trailer for GTA 6 on PS5 can be seen below and is 91 seconds long. The official announcement trailer for GTA 6, this latest trailer not only provides us with our first glimpse at our return to the Vice City setting, but we also get a look at Lucia and her partner taking part in some cheeky robberies too. More than that, the latest GTA 6 PS5 trailer also provides an eye-opening glimpse at the massive increase in visual fidelity, population density, character animation, lighting and so much more. Impressively, it would also seem that the trailer will be representative of what we’ll be seeing and playing when GTA 6 releases in 2025, as an Ex-Rockstar Games employee said that the trailer wasn’t all in-game cinematics and that the final product would actually look like this.

Notably, the official GTA 6 trailer on the Rockstar Games YouTube channel not only has amassed more than 160 million views since December 4, 2023, but it has also exceeded the lifetime views for the Grand Theft Auto 5 reveal trailer to boot.

GTA 6 PS5 Pro – Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Release On PlayStation 5 Pro?

While Sony has yet to officially reveal its mid-gen console refresh for this console generation, there have been enough corroborated reports and sources to suggest that a PS5 Pro console will drop sometime before the end of 2024 (PS5 Pro development kits are already in the wild, if latest reports are to be believed). With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that GTA 6 would be a marquee title for PS5 Pro – especially given the fact that GTA 6 might not be able to pull of 60 FPS on PS5.

ta 6 ps5 release date characters online dlc trailer 4

GTA 6 PS5 Leak – What Happened With The Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak?

In September 2022 a substantial amount of in-game assets and gameplay footage were leaked from a very, very early build of GTA 6. Responding to the leaks, GTA 6 developer Rockstar Games took to Twitter to say the following:

A Message from Rockstar Games
We recently suffered a network intrusion in which an unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems, including early development footage for the next Grand Theft Auto. At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our live game services nor any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects.
We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned and we remain as committed as ever to delivering an experience to you, our players, that truly exceeds your expectations. We will update everyone again soon and, of course, will properly introduce you to this next game when it is ready. We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support through this situation.
– The Rockstar Games Team

Since the GTA 6 leak, Rockstar Games has been relentless in its pursuit of the hackers. Indeed, after pursuing multiple GTA 6 hackers for various cybercrimes, it appeared that one of the hackers, who is now indefinitely hospitalised due to their admitted addiction to hacking as soon as they are releasedwe kid you not, has also been arrested previously and violated bail conditions according to UK Police.

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