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GTA 6 Reveal Trailer Has Been Given The Live-Action Treatment By Fans

Last year’s Grand Theft Auto 6 debut trailer has been meticulously recreated as a live-action video by a group of fans, and the results are nothing short of impressive.

The GTA 6 live-action trailer is available on the YouTube channel of Andrew Levitt, and uses multiple actors to fill out the various characters in the trailer, as well as real-life footage of Florida Joker and other highlights. Levitt detailed the making of the trailer in a separate video, which reveals they took a trip to Miami to “track down every location from the trailer and capture the exact same scenes in real life.”

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Grand Theft Auto 6 was announced via a debut trailer in December last year, with Rockstar confirming the game will launch at some point in 2025. Recently, actor Troy Baker shut down speculation that he was voicing one of the characters in the trailer, after fans were convinced they heard his voice in the footage.