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UPDATE: The First Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Appears To Have Leaked, Along With A 2025 Release Window

UPDATE: The post on Twitter which leaked the trailer has been suspended, and the post taken down. While this is in no way a confirmation that the trailer was real, it does suggest it is legitimate.

UPDATE 2: Rockstar decided to officially post the trailer, confirming that the leak was real, though now at least we can all watch it at a much better quality.

This also confirms we’re looking at a 2025 release window, along with a Vice City setting. Now that we can properly watch it, the trailer also confirms two main protagonists, a woman named Lucia and a man who goes unnamed in the trailer.

You can watch it for yourself, below.

Original Story:

Grand Theft Auto VI is, without a doubt, the most anticipated game in the industry for more than a decade, and tomorrow, Rockstar Games is finally ready to give us our first, official look at the game.

Unfortunately for Rockstar however, the first trailer seems to have leaked online, though most of what you see is obscured by giant “BUY $BTC” letters directly in the middle.

The 91 second video which does really look like the trailer also seems to confirm a 2025 release window, and that the game is indeed set in Vice City.

It’s unfortunate that if tomorrow, we see a proper version of this same trailer, a game so anticipated would have its first real look be a poor quality trailer that you can’t even watch properly.

In keeping with what has been the industry standard of important announcements or reveals leaking right at the eleventh hour, this is almost exactly how it was always going to happen.

Even still, actual confirmation of what this trailer shows will still be enough, especially for those who don’t watch the trailer, to be surprised in a way that could meet their over a decade-long expectations.

Of course there’s always the possibility someone’s just been working on a really, really good hoax for some time now.

Source – [Reddit]