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Grand Theft Auto VI Hacker Sentenced To An Indefinite Hospital Order

The 18-year old who hacked Rockstar and leaked a bunch of Grand Theft Auto VI information has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order.

Arion Kurtaj, hacker and member of group Lapsus$ was deemed to remain under hospital order until a mental health tribunal determines that he is no longer a danger to the public.

As part of a mental assessment of Kurtaj and part of the judge’s reasoning for his sentence, doctors perceived that he “continued to express the intent to return to cyber-crime as soon as possible. He is highly motivated.”

We’ve also already seen reports about Kurtaj, and his motivations to keep committing cyber-crime.

One of the most unbelievable parts of Kurtaj’s sentencing is the knowledge that Kurtaj committed the Rockstar hack while under police watch while being left alone in a hotel room. To hack Rockstar, Kurtaj used a TV, an Amazon Fire Stick, and a mobile phone.

Kurtaj’s seemingly life sentence is an extreme measure, and will likely become a deterrent for future potential cyber-criminals.

Source – [BBC]