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Is GTA VI Going To Run At 60FPS On PS5?

Is GTA VI Going To Run At 60FPS On PS5? The most anticipated game of the last decade in Grand Theft Auto VI was finally revealed with its first trailer from Rockstar Games.

While the reveal is what everyone has been waiting years for, it’s also brought up even more questions than there were before, one hot question being, is GTA VI going to run at 60FPS on PS5?

Is GTA VI Going To Run At 60FPS On PS5?

With only the first trailer being revealed, and the knowledge that it’ll launch on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S all the way in 2025, there’s been no official word from Rockstar regarding performance.

This generation has seen most modern games launch with multiple graphical and performance modes, though there have still been a few standout launches capped at 30FPS.

With the kind of fidelity being shown off in the trailer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see GTA VI being locked to 30FPS on PS5. But what’s important to remember is that by 2025, the rumoured PS5 Pro could be out by then.

If that is the case, then it would make a lot of sense that a 60FPS mode would be available on the PS5 Pro, and not on the standard PS5. Either way, this is likely a question that will remain unanswered for some time.