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Dan Houser’s Absurd Ventures Studio Has Its First Game Project, An Open World Action-Adventure

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser left the studio he helped form into an industry icon all the way back in 2020, and only a year later we got wind that he’d be starting something new, with a new studio called Absurd Ventures.

Fast-forward to now and Houser’s new studio has already revealed its first two initial projects, but neither of them were video games. Thanks to a job listing however, we know Houser hasn’t left the world of video games yet – far from it in fact.

A job listing for Absurd Ventures reveals that the studio is working on an open world, action-adventure game. Open world action-adventure games are as common as FPS games in today’s industry, and they’re also commonly the most anticipated games for players when they come along.

We don’t know anything about this coming game besides that genre description given in the job listing, but it’s a nice confirmation for players keen to see what Houser would do next that there’s a game from him and his new team in the works.

Source – [Absurd Ventures via VGC]