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Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser’s New Studio Absurd Ventures Reveals Its First 2 Projects

Rockstar may be just days away from finally revealing its first new game in more than a decade, but it’ll be without some of the members that helped make Rockstar the studio it is today, including one of its co-founders, Dan Houser.

Houser has been a writer and creative lead on many a famous Rockstar project, and officially left the studio he co-founded earlier this year, and soon after revealed the new studio he founded, Absurd Ventures.

On Tuesday, Absurd Ventures announced its first two coming projects, A Better Paradise and American Caper, and neither of them are games.

American Caper will be a graphic novel that will focus on two American families caught in a corrupt business and a heap of crime.

A Better Paradise will instead be a 12-episode suspense-thriller audio series set in the near future, and it’s currently in production.

“We are excited to introduce these two universes, and their characters and lore,” said Houser. “They represent our approach to storytelling and media. These initial releases will allow us to introduce these universes at the same time as we are working on other iterations and expansions. This is just the beginning.”

Even though neither of these projects are games, it’s clear that Houser and team are just beginning their journey, and considering the team at Absurd Ventures consists of not just Houser but other former Rockstar legends like Michael Unsworth, it’s more than worthwhile to keep an eye on Absurd Ventures, and all their ventures.

Source – [Gematsu]