GTA IV Social Club goes live

Rockstar has unveiled its Social Club for Grand Theft Auto 4, coinciding with the highly anticipated title’s release.

The service itself opened for pre-registration a couple of weeks ago but now GTA IV owners across the world will be able to track all sorts of juicy stats by linking their Social Club accounts with their Gamertags or PSN IDs.

The Liberty City marathon section sets targets such as walking/running distances (e.g. 400 miles!) and getting arrested a certain number of times. It lists the people who have done this quickest, and also how far away you are from achieving the goal.

LCPD Police Blotter monitors worldwide police call-outs, crime hotspots, stolen vehicles and more. The Story Gang and 100% Club are areas only accessible to those who have gone through the story missions and achieved 100% completion. There’s a Hall of Fame listing completion times for each too.

And to finish off, there are multiplayer leaderboards too! Perhaps the most comprehensive tracking system we’ve ever seen. Check it out at