Guardians of Middle-Earth dated for PSN

Warner has pinned a December 4 release date on the PlayStation Network release of Guardians of Middle-Earth.

In addition, the fantasy-themed MOBA will receive a PlayStation 3-exclusive physical release in shops on December 7.

The digital version will set you back £11.99/$14.99, while the disc-based copy will cost £27.99/$29.99.

Furthermore, those of you who plump for the retail version will receive pre-paid, discounted to DLC, plus PSN vouchers equal in value to the full game and a Season Pass. Post-launch content will include maps, an additional gameplay mode and extra good/evil characters.

Tolkien fanatics will be pleased to learn that some of the extra characters will be featured in the forthcoming Peter Jackson epic The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which hits cinemas this December.

Guardians of Middle-Earth features a number of characters plucked from The Lord of the Rings series, including Gandalf and Sauron, with a strong emphasis placed on team play. Unlike other games in the genre, this Tolkien-inspired romp is tailored for home consoles to encourage a “cinematic” experience.

Stay tuned to for more details.