Guerrilla: Killzone 3 our first project with ‘veteran game developers’

Guerrilla Games has said that sci-fi blaster Killzone 3 marked the first time that the studio had a chance to cobble together a title where the team was comprised mainly of "veteran game developers."

Speaking with GameSpot, Guerrilla co-founder Herman Hulst revealed that up until now the studio had mostly been made up of junior employees.

“We always had an extremely junior team compared to some of the competition that had very veteran teams, usually US-based,” said Hulst.

“This was the first time we were actually able to do a project where the vast majority was veteran game developers, and that makes a big difference.”

“You require fewer people to come up with new things and to develop through with the required level of polish. That was probably the single biggest change for us–to have that team ready.”

Elsewhere, Hulst also touched on the improvements that Killzone 3 offered over its predecessor, noting one of the main areas of focus for Guerrilla was to inject more variety into the game’s environments.

Hulst commented that having Killzone 2′s base to work from aided Killzone 3s development markedly.

“Initially we actually said, ‘Let’s not even go too deeply into technological improvements. Let’s focus on the variety. Let’s theme every level nicely and differently.’

“I think one of the biggest gains over Killzone 2 was that it has such different environments, pacing, and gameplay–that’s what we wanted to focus on initially. And, just the guys that we have on the team, they started developing, optimizing, and finding new ways to create more variety and more feature-driven gameplay.”

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