Guest Post: The True Evolution of Gamers

Games have evolved considerably since they first started on basic computer devices. There was even a time when PC gamers had to type cumbersome commands into MS DOS just to play classic DOS games. Around that time there were also computer game cartridges to insert in gaming consoles, with the Nintendo 64 to be the last of those.

Cartridges fell by the wayside to the superior CD Disc, then HD disc and Blu-Ray of the present. Now running parallel alongside Blu-Ray we have mobile games for smartphone and tablets to help further development. In this piece we will look at the more recent evolution of gaming.

Console Gaming Not Under Threat
Media analysts love to talk, even when they don’t entirely know about the subject. There is a plethora of articles of written by media veterans that have probably never played a computer game in the past decade, let alone the rest of their lives. Yet they seemed to develop the quaint notion that console gaming was ‘under threat’ from mobile devices, and imminently.

Logically-speaking, it is understandable that they might draw such a conclusion. It does appear to be a potential, albeit one that won’t lead anywhere. After all, the PS4 is to be released later this year and it already outselling the next Xbox in pre-purchase orders. There would not be such an appetite for either if console gaming were truly under threat.

Dedicated gamers love games that deliver them an in-depth experience, one that they can feel a part of. Small screen gaming is a fun way to pass the time when away from consoles and out in the world, but merely a temporary substitute for real lovers of computer games. Evolution can split in a number of directions, but not here.

The Real Mobile Evolution
Because of how advanced smartphones and tablets now are, it is only reasonable to assume that people need fancy apps to use on them, which is why mobile gaming has become so popular on these devices. A significant portion of the population owns them because they need them as part of their everyday lives, whereas they don’t need dedicated mobile gaming devices such as the 3DS and Wii U from Nintendo.

Those Nintendo devices are very costly to purchase, and can’t even be used to send a text message or make a phone call, so logically the mobile evolution is squeezing them out of gaming, but not consoles. Research findings released by Juniper Research (March 2013) showed that games downloaded to smartphones and tablets would increase to 64.1 billion in 2017, which represents a major increase on the 21 billion recorded in 2012.

The point to be taken is that it won’t be mobile gaming devices that deliver results. All manner of gamer can find a suitable option for them on smartphones or tablets. For instance, mobile bingo is even a possibility (see for background info), or word games, or puzzle games. The cost of developing those games is cheaper on current mobile devices than they are for Nintendo. Console gaming is very much alive, and has a bright future with the PlayStation 4 coming.