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Guide: Genshin Impact Reroll PS4 – Is It Possible?

Genshin Impact Reroll PS4, How To Reroll Genshin Impact on PS4 – miHoYo’s anime-flavoured RPG has been attracting a lot of attention on PS4 since its late September launch, but one thing that keeps cropping up is people searching for details on Genshin Impact reroll PS4 – that is, is it possible to reroll your account?

Genshin Impact Reroll PS4 – Here’s How To Do It

Yes, it is possible to reroll your Genshin Impact PS4 account, but it’s a lot more of a drawn out process than on PC. All progress you make in the game is tied to your PSN account, so that means you will have to create a fresh account in order to make it work. There’s no way to reroll on your current account.

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Logging out and creating a new PSN account will clear your progress. It’s a similar process to ranking up in a game like Tekken 7 online; only with a new account can you reset your rank entirely. Having said that, rerolling does not always guarantee you all the characters that you wish to unlock, so keep that in mind.

However, if you are interest in the process, then feel free to make another PSN account — but you’ll soon find out if it’s worth the effort or not.

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