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Guide: How To Download PS4 Games From PlayStation Now On PS5

Sony’s cloud-based streaming service PlayStation Now has migrated to the PS5, giving you the chance to stream or download content to your shiny new console.

Pleasingly, it functions very similarly to how it did on PS4, but how do you download PS4 games from PS Now to PS5? Read on to find out more and discover how to download PS4 PS Now games on PS5!

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How To Download PS4 Games From PS Now To PS5

Downloading PS4 games to your PS5 via PS Now isn’t too difficult to do. Follow the steps below and you’ll be downloading titles in no time!

  • Hit up the PlayStation Store via your PS5 user interface and head over to the PS Now section.
  • Browse and locate the game you’re interested in, and if you are able to download it, there will be a tag in the preview section informing you of it.
  • Select your chosen title and hit ‘Download.’

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Once your game has finished downloading, you can access it via the PS5 games library. Head to Games home > Game Library > Playstation Now > select your game to start it. Alternatively, use the PS Now app and head to Browse Games > choose your title > Start Game.

Note that you are able to download multiple games as long as you have the sufficient hard drive space on your console. Note that you must connect to PSN at least once a week to allow Sony to validate your PS Now membership and maintain access to your content.