Hackers mining FIFA coins steal millions from EA, says FBI

A group of hackers have made millions by playing gaming giant Electronic Arts.

Defendant Anthony Clark will go on trial this morning for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He was allegedly working with three other hackers to mine FIFA coins from EA’s servers and in return sell those coins back to other players.

For those that don’t know, FIFA coins are the currency used in the FIFA games, including FIFA 17, to buy player packs. You can purchase these coins in-game by spending real money or by completing matches, however they are also very popular in other places such as the entire subreddit dedicated to trading coins.

Clark and his co-defendants allegedly built a small tool that would send spoofed match results which in turn would generate the coins very fast. Once the coins were collected, they would sell the coins back for real money. All this began some time in 2013 and operated until September 17, 2015 which is when the FBI began seizing property.

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The FBI seized millions of dollars in cash and property from the hacking group, including computers and Xbox 360’s. They also took 2.8 million from a Bank of America account and hundreds of thousands of dollars in accounts belonging to others.

The trial begins today in Fort Worth, Texas and will feature testimony from EA’s security team as well as the co-defendants and family.